This DIY course is designed for proud parents who want to quickly learn to take beautiful photos that you'll want to share and treasure forever, all without a fancy camera (you can use your phone camera)!


Why most people's DIY baby photos look terrible

I have made every mistake possible when photographing babies. In 25 years, the list of botched photo sessions is extensive.

It took years of trial and error to reach the point where my images looked polished and professional. Babies are cute, but if you don't know how to pose them, they hardly look human! Having all the gear, props, and lights was never the answer to a great photo.

I learned through workshops, online guides, and plenty of practice that lighting, angle, pose, and settings all work together. If one little part of these components is off, the whole image can be ruined.

As it turns out, a fancy camera and a cute baby are not all you need. In fact, you don't even need a cute baby OR a fancy camera!

You can solve the problem of having a phone full of mediocre (or even terrible) photos by hiring a professional photographer to take your newborn photos; there are plenty of us out there. In my opinion, this only patches up the bigger problem of still being responsible for documenting the entire life of your child without completely draining your bank account.

Your phone is a powerful tool, and your home has most of what you'll need for creating beautiful images. Learning the basics in this course will put your parenting duty of documenting your baby's growth completely into your hands. The bonus being frame-worthy images


You don't need to hire a professional! This fast and easy course is specifically designed for parents and photo enthusiasts who want to save money by learning how to create share-worthy photos with a phone camera.  

You will get:

  • DIY hacks for products pros use so that your photos look like a pro took them!
  • Video demonstrations with live babies so that you can see other Mom's create from scratch.
  • Links to¬†everything you'll want or need for your shoots
  • Sound advice for editing on your phone so that you have keepsake-worthy images.¬†

The DIY photocourse Roadmap...


Intro & Foundations

Here we'll talk about building your confidence through practice and mindset. We will go over styles of baby photography so you can really narrow in on what types of images you like before we start collecting items for your first shoot.


The Basic Background

Perfect a clean background by pairing up common household items you already own with a simple piece of fabric. links to everything you need included. 


Props and other creative additions

Look around your home, shop at thrift stores and find inexpensive items online to dial in your style. Learn how to spot the perfect sized basket or what clothing actually fits a newborn. You'll get pro tips on what actually looks great in photos.



This is arguably the most important skill to master. I teach with the novice in mind, and go through all the important details carefully. You'll be ready to tackle even the darkest room in your home by the end. 


The baby wrap

Babies like to flail their arms and are likely to fuss. I explain four techniques for different temperments and sizes. Links to the best swaddles included. This module has concise video tutorials that explain exactly how to bundle your little bean. 


Settling baby and photoshoot planning

No matter the age of your baby, you'll need to plan ahead. Photoshoots fall apart with unrealistic expectations, especially when they are coupled with a hungry baby or frustrated Mom. This section includes a downloadable best practice timeline and videos that show how a real life pro photoshoot goes. 



This module includes everything you need to know about posing your baby at any age. Plenty of video clips to demonstrate how to achieve flattering angles and showcase your little one's best features. 


Camera settings and composition Basics 

Do you know what an f-stop is? Even smartphone users should learn. I'll teach you the basics as well as touch on framing the image (composition) and some advanced camera settings. Modern day parents are constantly snapping photos, why not learn to elevate those images?


Editing your photos

Demos of two phone aps and one computer ap to meet you at your interest level. Facetune has a quick Iearning curve and uses simple ai to help you out. Lightroom mobile is a step above and lightroom classic is pro-level software. You decide how far you want to go!



Call me old fashioned but I love a perfectly printed and framed print.  Learn about stunning products from pro level labs and hear me out on why stacks of cheap 4x6 prints are better than your instagram profile. 

But that's not all! DIY baby photography course comes with these BONUSES to make the process catered to you...

Bonus #1: Artificial light for the novice

If your home has no natural light, I've got you covered. Don't go down the rabbit hole of flashes and ring lights. I offer links to modern day plug-in lights at several price points.

Bonus #2: Creative photo ideas for any age to execute once you learn the basics

Once you have the essential knowledge of your settings, light, angle and pose you are ready to let the creative juices flow. Supply lists for several set-ups included

Bonus #3: "Fancy" camera basics

You can complete this course without one- smart phones are great, but if you want to move to the next level, I've got you covered.

Bonus #4: Newborn safety guide for peace of mind

Are you a new Mom without a lot of experience with babies? They aren't as fragile as you may think, but we'll go over the dos and don'ts of newborn posing. 

Bonus #5: Confidence building communtiy backed support 

I moderate a private community of creative and problem solving parents, you can join if you'd like!

Bonus #6: Siblings and Family and more importantly, Mommy and me photos!

Don't fall into the trap of being the only photographer at home.  I'll teach you how to direct your partner so that you get flattering images of YOU with your babe too. 

Bonus #7: First 48 hour checklist and hospital photo guide. 

Hospital light is weird and you are tired and out of sorts, however your most amazing blessing has arrived. I'll give you simple tips for your tired brain as well as a checklist to pack in your bag. Don't miss documenting the first 48, it's extra special!

What Others Are Saying

" I had no idea I could take such great pictures with my smartphone! Now I don't have to schedule a photo session at a studio and risk my boys being tired or cranky. I can set up a quick photo shoot in the comfort of my home when they're rested and happy. Kate also taught me editing techniques on my phone that really give them that professional look. It's been such a time and money-saver! "

Baby Carston and Landon's Mom

"Sending you some pictures I was able to take of my  boy at Christmas. It’s so fun! I got lots of comments about how professional they look. Can’t wait to do a cake smash shoot for his first birthday instead of paying ridiculous prices for a  professional! ."

-Baby Ryan's Mom

"In my area, baby photos start at $500, and thats just one session to capture one age. Following Kate's guidance I've been able to capture every stage in my babies first year with very little money out of pocket. Its also been fun! Staging, lighting and editing are the biggest factors in making photos look professional, and Kate does a great job of explaining how to set everything up to achieve that high end look."

- Baby Jack's Mom

Let's check out what kind of money you're going save this year

Professional photographers are expensive! Most of my clients spend between $800 and $1200 per session! That's a lot for milestone photos in the first year!

Newborn session......................$1200

Ten months of milestone sessions............ $8000

Cake Smash.........................$1000 

TOTAL VALUE: $10,200


DIY Newborn Photography Course

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More Success Stories


"It really comes together. Once you see the final product, it's definitely a hundred percent worth it."

- Tori


 "When I posted them or showed them to friends and family they were like "who took these?" and I was like "I took them, I took them with my phone."  That was really wonderful because they look like professional pictures!

In case I missed anything, here are some commonly asked questions...


DIY Newborn Photography Course

*Lifetime access*