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I offer parents and beginner photographers all of my secrets so that you can make stunning photos of your babies from the comfort of your home. I've been photographing babies for 25 years!

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Do you have a phone full of boring photos? I'm here to help! You can use your smart phone to create stunning images at home!

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Take my free training so that you can create stunning and professional looking photos of your baby. Wow yourself and your friends after you've learned my 3 secrets to to creating a natural light home studio.

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You are days away from creating beautiful images of your baby. Sign up for my online course. Learn from a 25 year baby photography veteran how to consistently and inexpensively create jaw-dropping photos!

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Take a peak at the fun products I sell so that you can create stunning images quickly and easily without shopping for hard to find supplies. I've picked my favorites and created easy to use kits. 

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" I had no idea I could take such great pictures with my smartphone! Now I don't have to schedule a photo session at a studio and risk my boys being tired or cranky. I can set up a quick photo shoot in the comfort of my home when they're rested and happy. Kate also taught me editing techniques on my phone that really give them that professional look. It's been such a time and money-saver! "


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Learn my 3 secrets to using natural light so that you can create your own stunning images at home