Unlock the Pro Secrets to DIY baby Photography

Discover how to take stunning photos from home that you'll want to share and treasure forever, all with just your phone!

Teach me!

Join me in my studio for this free 30 min. online workshop where you'll learn: 

  • ​The best (natural) light hacks and where to find the best spot in your home.
  • How to create images that even a pro can't tell were taken on a phone camera
  • My secrets to posing even if you've got a fussy or wiggly baby.

"I had no idea I could take such great pictures with my smartphone! Now I don't have to schedule a photo session at a studio and risk my boys being tired or cranky. I can set up a quick photo shoot in the comfort of my home when they're rested and happy. Kate also taught me editing techniques on my phone that really give them that professional look. It's been such a time and money-saver! "

Baby Carston and Landon's Mom

"In my area, baby photos start at $500, and thats just one session to capture one age. Following Kate's guidance I've been able to capture every stage in my babies first year with very little money out of pocket. Its also been fun! Staging, lighting and editing are the biggest factors in making photos look professional, and Kate does a great job of explaining how to set everything up to achieve that high end look."

- Baby Jack's Mom

"I learned a lot about natural lighting whereas before I would have used artificial. So I was pleasantly surprised with that! Also learned about angles such as the 45 degree and how light should be coming down vs up to avoid harsh shadows. This was a great program and I have so many photos to show off now!"

- Baby June's Mom